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Deacon's Tricky Tray Fundraiser

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The Deacon’s annual Tricky Tray Fundraiser (Tricky Tray 17) is taking place on Saturday, November 5th. This fundraiser benefits the Needy Family Fund. This is a lot of information below, so please be sure to read everything!

If you would like to donate to this year’s Tricky Tray – just bring your items into the church office, or hand them directly to any Deacon. We’ll make sure to keep it safe until November 5th 😊 If you need an idea of things you can donate: gift cards, gift baskets, baked goods, antiques that are in good condition, toys, small appliances, small pieces of furniture, anything handmade. We only ask that if you purchase it (other than antiques) that it is new and not used. If it is used, it must be very very gently used. If you do not live in the area, or would like us to pick your donation up for you, please email

We are offering a drop-and-go option for tickets again this year! Once we have more information on that, we will pass it along. However, we’d love for you to stay for the entire event.

Now let’s get down to the info you’ve all been waiting for! Prices and more info about this year’s Tricky Tray. Bring in a bag of gloves, hats, scarves – anything to keep the homeless and needy warm this winter – and you’ll receive one free sheet of Level One tickets.

Just like in the past – we will have 3 levels of prizes. Prizes which have a value of $1 to $99 will be a level one prize. Prizes with a value of $100 to $199 will be a level two prize. And of course, anything with a value over $200 will be a level three prize. In case you have ever been curious – we do personally research each individual item to find out it’s approximate value. So we love it when you provide that info to us 😊

We are offering TWO presale packages this year. In the past – there have been three ticket bundles. This will make it easier on everyone. Bundle A will include tickets from both the level one and level two prizes. Bundle B will include tickets from all three levels of prizes!

Presale tickets are also now available. YOU WILL SAVE $$ BY ORDERING YOUR TICKET BUNDLES IN ADVANCE. We will also be available in person on Sunday, October 16 during the Deacon's Soup and Sandwich, and on Sunday, October 23 between services to take your presale order between services. If you would like to order your presale ticket bundles online – just head to the church website at and click on the Tricky Tray page. And yes, you will have the ability to use a credit card!

Bundle A will include 5 sheets of level one tickets and 4 sheets of level two tickets. Your presale price for Bundle A is $20. If you purchase them on Nov. 5th, you will pay $30.

Bundle B will include 7 sheets of level one tickets, 5 sheets of level two tickets, and 3 sheets of level three tickets. Your presale price for Bundle B is $40. That package will be available on Nov. 5th for $50.

Both ticket bundles will be available the day of the Tricky Tray – and individual ticket sheets will also be available for purchase.

So…what can I win? How about a paintball package worth over $500? Or, if you’re into virtual reality gaming – we have passes to Ctrl V which is a virtual reality arcade! Those passes in total are worth over $600. We also have tickets to Winterthur, the Baltimore Symphony Orchestra, Laserdome, a 6-month membership to the YMCA, dining gift cards, a herbal wreath from Sinking Springs and much much much more. And trust us – we also have Northside Deli gift certificates! And don’t forget the pet! You could walk away with a pair of baby parakeets and maybe even another animal.

Questions? Simply email

Bring family and friends – and bring an appetite! We’ll have a pasta bar all set up for you to enjoy on Saturday, November 5th 😊

And as always, thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts for always supporting the Deacon’s Needy Family Fund!

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