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We are an historic congregation with an eye to the future; traditional worshippers who welcome new songs and new liturgies. We enjoy fellowship meals together and we also enjoy opening our doors to the community during events such as our roast beef dinner, Cookie Walk and a fundraiser called a Tricky Tray.

We emphasize pastoral care for our seniors and we also encourage our young ones in multi-generational Sunday school classes and Vacation Bible School. Our youth group engages in both mission and in fellowship as well as learn about serving in the church.

Outreach is a vital part of our church, and we assist many in our community through various outreach programs including lunch each Friday hosted by Community Kitchen, and outreach assistance.

We hope you will join us one Sunday soon and see what we’re all about!
Learn about God
Understand God
Experience God
Let’s learn about Him together!

Grace and peace to you in the name of Jesus Christ our Lord!


A Message From Pastor Gary

We live in times where there is no central philosophy or way of life that holds our society, our communities, together in a common bond or direction. People have such widely different views of the world. People have such widely different commitments to behaviors and ways of living.

The growing diversity of cultures and points of view can be a wonderful thing. It can also be the source of deep confusion, and even fear. It can also be the reason some simply get lost—ending up with no direction, and no deep reliable guide through life. To drift away from the real Truth is certainly the greatest danger.

In this context, we as committed believers in Jesus, we as part of the Christian church community, if we find themselves confused about values and direction, we must encourage each other to go deeply into the Word of God. Jesus Christ, through his Spirit, speaking through the Holy Scriptures, is our authority, our guide, the source of our deepest values and orientation. Jesus is our identity. Yes, we may disagree with each other as we try to understand the implications of Scripture for our lives, but even if we disagree over interpretations and doctrine at times, we absolutely must, we must, insist together that the Scriptures are the authoritative guide and witness to the truth in Jesus. That is where we go, in prayer, in discussion, in discernment, and yes in times of disagreement with one another—that is where we go to find the truth. The Holy Spirit will reveal it to us, if we go there in humility and sincerity.

Today not only is it difficult sometimes to find one’s way, with Christians disagreeing with one another so deeply, it is difficult even when the Spirit has given you clarity through the Word—it is difficult, isn’t it, to stand humbly yet firmly for what is right and true. We all have in us the desire to be loving and affirming neighbors, and this desire is from God. But the deepest form of that desire—to love—must be to share the truth, to stand for the truth, to represent the truth well, in integrity, in our relationships with others who don’t believe. Standing with integrity in a force field electrified with others’ strong opinions and values—standing with integrity for what you know to be right and true and most deeply loving from the Scriptures—standing like that may not be easy, but it is our calling.

The book of Esther in the Bible gives us the dramatic story of a brave young woman of faith and integrity—and her older wise cousin— as they took their stance of faith in the middle of great danger and opposition. They not only took a stand, they willingly stepped into the path of danger when they felt the call of God to do so. Let us sit together under this great story of faith and integrity—and God’s guidance—and allow God’s Spirit to teach us courage and discernment and trust in Him, as we seek to be faithful in our time and place. We are all called to be faithful and to stand with integrity “in such a time as this.”

Pastor Gary

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Worship Service 10:00 am


Sunday School 

8:30 am – Adult Connections Class – 10 Commandments in the Upper Rm

9:00 am – Adult Study on Book of Acts in Fellowship Hall

10:15 am – Children’s Sunday School (they will start in worship service)

11:00 am – Jr/Sr High Sunday School – Youth Room

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We are a connectional church through the New Castle Presbytery, which is located in New Castle, Delaware.

We have Sunday School every Sunday for all age groups at 10:00 am. We also have a Sunday School each Sunday during our 11:00 am worship service for Middle School through adults, which takes place in the Upper Room.

We hold Youth Group every Wednesday night  

from 6pm to 8pm for youth ages 6th grade through 12th grade. ANYONE in that age group is welcome to join us - Contact the church office for more information

Each Sunday, we are blessed with live music from both our Praise Team and Choir.


We are a community-driven church.

Community Kitchen is hosted at Elkton Presbyterian Church, and provides meals every Friday to anyone who joins us.

Our Food Pantry provides bags of food to Elkton residents who provide proof of need and is available on Wednesday's from 10am-12 noon

We have multiple organizations within our church to assist the needy in our area.

For more information on joining our church, or how we can help, we encourage you to contact our church office at 410-398-4636 or send us an email!

Financial Outreach and Help is on the first Wednesday of the month- 10 AM to 12:00 Noon. .


As disciples of Christ, we share and rejoice in the warmth of God's love and light by teaching the holy word, serving Christ's community, and growing together in faith. 

In all we do, we seek to honor the Lord Jesus Christ by the power of The Holy Spirit.

Our mission is to
Learn about God
Understand God
Experience God
Let’s learn about Him together
We are a church family that reaches out and shares the good news of God’s word with friends and neighbors by providing a place for worship, fellowship, support, education, and discipleship, so that all may know God’s love through the life and death of His Son, Jesus Christ.
We are a mid-sized congregation in the heart of downtown Elkton, Maryland, with multiple community active ministries.
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