Deacons Corner- May Newsletter Article

Let us sing God’s praises because winter is over and Spring is showing its beautiful colors!

Don’t forget you can order altar flowers every week! Joyce Clark wants to remind everyone that there is a signup sheet in the Narthex. Cost for the Sunday flowers is $25 or $35, depending on your choices, and you can purchase them in honor or memory of a loved one. You can also take the flowers home to enjoy or donate them and a deacon will deliver them to a member during a visit.

The Deacons container for Food Pantry donations is working well in the Narthex. Thanks to all who donate food to the food pantry! Judy Richmond’s food pantry report noted that in March, the food pantry gave out 215 bags of food to 34 families that consisted of 52 individuals; four were church help, 15 were children and five were veterans.

In the call to show Christ’s love, the deacons greet, feed, visit and encourage all members of the church.  Visits, cards and calls were made to elderly, sick, recuperating, lonely and despondent members. If you or someone in the congregation you know has a need that hasn’t been met, please contact Dale Gorman or the Deacon of the Month so we can coordinate the necessary care!

The Deacons enjoyed providing the main course for the Lenten study, providing a fun coffee/tea basket at the Youth Spaghetti Dinner auction, and look forward to hosting a Continental Breakfast on July 21!

Deacons Judy Jacobsen and Linda Bradley have started a regular service of providing dinner at the Paris Foundation three times a year. This Elkton mission, supported by GEMA, serves dinner 365 days a year.  Deacons will begin helping the women with the commitment starting in September.

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