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Resurrection Joy
Recently, I was out gardening in my yard, reflecting on my  Easter message for the sunrise service at Elkton Presbyterian Church.  Each spring, I have waged a war against the dandelions in my yard, and it has taken three years of digging them up by their roots when they get to the yellow flower stage, before they go to those fluffy seeds, which blow across my yard and my neighbors’ yards, settling in the dirt and grow the following season. This third year, I noticed a greatly reduced number of dandelions, much to my happiness, and for a busy seminarian and church worker, my yard looks good. But it is still an annual rite I must go through, and I  actually enjoy it, as I pray and ask God to remove the weeds in my own life.
On this beautiful April afternoon, I noticed some dandelions by my hosta bed. These gorgeous, decorative and hearty perennials were sticking their tender shoots up from the earth. As I looked at each plant peeking through the ground, I noticed one was missing. There was a flat stone over the place it should have been. Curiously, I lifted the rock and beneath it was a tangle of hosta shoots – twisted, gnarled and flattened underneath the stone. But the plant was ALIVE! Nothing was going to get in the way its growth, and if given time, it would have grown around the flat stone. This photograph was taken 1 hour after I removed the stone – and compared to the other plants, it was more developed!
Reflect upon this photograph and compare it with Jesus’s resurrection – no grave, no stone across its entrance would stop Jesus from returning from death and living again! Even creation understands that – that Jesus, part divine, part human, born of God himself and Mary, would live, even in a horrific death that he experienced for our sins. We should live as Easter people, removing the stones in our own lives – stones of doubt, anger, sadness, bad attitudes  and put on the life that Jesus gives each of us through his own life and the Holy Spirit. Because of Jesus Christ and his great gift, may we flourish with  Resurrection Joy.

Grace and Peace, Lisa

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